Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it really 1-o-clock??

Gah.  Kirk is finally napping.  He's becoming a very needy baby.  I love holding him and I love seeing him smile when I talk to him, but I have another little girl who needs my attention as well (not to mention a husband) and I feel like I'm being pulled a million directions at once!  Shiphrah is becoming more and more stubborn and rebellious as the days go by and she is quickly catching on that I can't stop her if I'm nursing her brother.  Up till now she's been an angel whenever we leave the house, but that's quickly changing as well.  Yesterday she was even acting up (touching everything she's not supposed to...e.g. shredding house plants) at Grandma's house, which was a shock to everyone.

It's all so exhausting.  Yesterday we were really busy: a meeting with our "financial advisor" (provided free by the officers union), setting up eye doctor appointments for next Tuesday, meeting with a lady about our health insurance (making sure our new deductible is applied to the hospital bills), coffee at MILs, and Bible study at our house.  Thankfully the first three were all in the same building (I love Avery's job!) and the financial advisor didn't seem to mind that Shiph was running all over his office and playing with his window blinds.  But anyhoo, by last night I was exhausted.  (Not too exhausted, mind you, to watch the "Chuck" season finale...LOVED it!!) So I slept in until nearly 10 this morning.  Of course, I still have a nasty headache and feel horribly groggy.  (Stupid allergies.)

Aaaand Kirk is already awake again, dang it!  I guess it has been 2 1/2 hours since he last ate.  Hopefully he'll settle down after he's full so I can get one or two of a million chores done.  Which is more important: dishes (our dishwasher is busted ), de-cluttering, or putting away laundry?  I have limited time until the fussy munchkin wakes up from her nap.