Monday, May 31, 2010

5 more weeks...

...seems like an eternity. I have begun to laugh out loud when people tell me, "well, enjoy being pregnant, soon you will have a newborn and then you'll be exhausted!" It makes me jealous that all these women seemed to enjoy pregnancy so much, whereas I, I feel like I'm dying. Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I am miserable. I know in my heart of hearts that this little boy will be so much healthier if he stays inside me a bit longer, but I am so ready to be done! I'm utterly exhausted every single day. Seriously, I slept nearly nine hours last night, took a 45-minute nap today, laid around on the couch all day (well, as much as my toddlers would let me), and I'm still completely worn out. My hips and stomach muscles are totally shot...some days it's nearly impossible to walk; it's literally painful to lay down in bed at night. I can't eat stomach has no room and everything sounds disgusting. I'm having contractions constantly...Braxton Hicks, regular ones...they're so random and interspersed that it's impossible to tell them apart anymore. Honestly I'll be surprised (and probably will have gone insane) if I make it another five weeks. I can honestly say this has been the hardest pregnancy out of the three. I think having two other young children automatically qualifies it as tougher, but I've also gained a lot more weight this time (which I think is why my muscles are shot) and feel 10 times larger than the last two. (I'm up to 120...from 83 pre-pregnancy. My first pregnancy I weighed 106 when Shiphrah was born and with Kirk I weighed 116 when he was born.) Oh how I long to hold my baby boy in my arms instead of in my uterus! Sleepless nights are so preferred to this form of torture.

Okay, end whine.

Sorry about that...I really am grateful for the miracle of life that God has blessed me with...and I am thrilled about having another little baby join our family in a few weeks. And I know once I hold my baby boy in my arms, I'll be really glad I did it.

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