Monday, June 14, 2010

Ready to pop...


Please excuse the tired, naked face...I haven't felt much like wearing make-up in weeks. Speaking of weeks, I'm just about 37 1/2 weeks along and feel about ready to explode! Some days are better than has been one of those days that I feel like the baby's just going to fall out of me. In fact, some of the pressure and contractions tonight have made me wonder if I should start packing my hospital bag. They're slowing down a bit now though, so I think I'm okay.

That's about it...just wanted to give a quick update. There was no dilation at my last check-up () so I'm trying not to get my hopes up for this next one (Wednesday morning) either. With Kirk though I was dilated 1 cm at 37 weeks, 2 cm at 38, and 3 cm at 39. (I had him on my due date.) So I very well might go all the way, or longer, again.


  1. You look Beautiful Emily! He will come on God's time. I hope you are able to rest. I would pack your bag just in case.

  2. OH MY! You're huge! lol (and gorgeous too!) I looked at you and thought....that's me in just a couple a months! ahhh!