Monday, October 5, 2009

Fair Weather at the Zoo

Friday morning we headed out to the SA Zoo to hang out with Kelly and her little boy Luke. Avery graciously offered to come along so that I wouldn't be struggling to handle both munchkins by myself. We have a membership, so we can just focus on a few areas of the zoo without having to worry that we "wasted" our money. This time we checked out the bears, monkeys, goats, tried to see the hippo (they are always cleaning their tank right when the zoo opens), and then spent the rest of the time in the little Tots area our zoo has. (Apparently it's the only zoo in the country with a special area for kids under 5 and it is wonderful!! They have several little play areas with lots of toys, picnic benches, several exhibits - groundhogs & tortoises, and a shallow "beach" for the kids to play in the sand and water!) Since our backyard has no grass and is full of doggy doo, we don't get to venture outside to play much. There's a park just a two blocks down from our house, but it comes with a mentally disturbed individual across the street that likes to yell obscenities at anyone who walks by. All that to say, hanging out at the zoo for fun is a nice alternative on beautiful days. And Friday, it was GORGEOUS!

"Umm, what am I supposed to do on this again?"

Hanging out with Daddy.

"Big balls! Big balls!"

"No, Mom, I will not say cheese, that's just silly!"

"Oh, okay, if you insist."

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  1. Hey! I've been to the SA Zoo! ;) Prayed for you just now, friend! Hope you have an encouraging day!