Monday, October 26, 2009

An Update in Videos

I've been a little too swamped to post lately, so here's an update in videos:

Kirk is going on 8 months and is finally showing an interested in people-food. Unfortunately, he prefers crackers and Cheerios to baby food and he'd be more than happy to eat his weight in Cheerios. I suppose that's actually more fortunate than unfortunate because I'll be able to start him on finger foods within the next couple of months.

Shiphrah continues to pick up on anything and everything we say, from excitedly announcing "turd!" when getting her diaper changed to grunting and growling like Mommy when she's frustrated. Here is a video of her growling at her crayons when she was told to pick them up. (You might want to turn up the volume to hear what she's saying.)

The munchkins and I rode up to Houston with my parents this past weekend to spend some time with my grandparents and my sister and her new husband. (Post and pictures to come eventually.) I took a video of Shiphrah running around outside playing with a ball and then saying hello to the fish in the pond. She has taken to saying "ready?" and counting to two when she throws the ball (not sure where she picked that up, although I have been trying to teach her a few numbers).

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  1. Lydia was fussing when I went to watch the video of Kirk, so I picked her up and she cracked up watching him eat. So cute! LOL with Shiphrah growling. Oh, it is so true we become our mothers and our daughters become us.