Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drum roll please...

Sorry I didn't blog right after my doctor's appointment on Wednesday, but we had a rather busy day and then I came down with a nasty stomach bug on Thursday night. I'm still recovering, but I figured I couldn't keep y'all waiting any longer.

It's a BOY!!!

Yep, Kirk will have a little brother close in age to rough-house with and poor Shiphrah will have to settle for doing girlie things with Mommy, at least for a few more years. :)

So....boy names. Gideon is probably our top choice right now, but Avery also likes Isaac, Titus, and Silas.


  1. Yea! Shiphrah gets to be THE princess for a little longer. = )

    I love all of those names! I'll keep an ear out for any and let you know. Congratulations!

  2. I love the names :)More so Gideon and Titus :)