Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stream of rambling

Stomach bugs suck and I cannot emphasize the word SUCK enough. I hate that ever since I started having kids, my immune system has been shot. I catch nearly every stomach bug that goes around and I catch a cold about five or six times a year. No flu yet, and for that I am grateful, but seriously...I used to never get sick! I seem to always catch these stomach bugs right around the 18th week of pregnancy. Had one with Shiphrah, Kirk, and now this baby. Being pregnant and having a stomach bug is extra horrible because my body is telling me I need to "EAT, DRINK, EAT" and my stomach is saying "NOOOOOOOO"! This most recent bug wasn't one of the really bad ones (I only threw up 3-4 times and the "other" stomach issues were minor) but it takes my stomach FOREVER to recover after being sick. I got sick late Thursday night and then tried to eat some chicken noodle soup the next evening. Mega-nausea alert. Tried again for breakfast Saturday morning. Laid out on the couch again. Felt better that evening and took the kids grocery shopping and out to dinner. Sunday morning: home sick from church...stomach NOT happy with the previous night's meal. Ugh. It's like, get better all ready! Thankfully it's now been a week and I'm happy to say that I am 100% recovered. Finally.

Despite feeling awful most of the day Sunday, I had an amazingly energy-full day on Monday. I did several large loads of laundry, swept the floors, and finally finished all of the dishes in the sink (I'm embarrassed to admit that some of them had been there for THREE weeks). Tuesday I felt poorly again...probably just worn out from overdoing it the day before. Wednesday was a little better, but down with a nasty groggy headache most of the day. Today has been good, although I'm still feeling a bit sleepy and wish I could take a nap. (Opted for a shower instead.) It's rainy and dreary around here and that's not helping my alertness either. We're out of bread, eggs, and yogurt, so a trip to the grocery store later is a must. I was hoping the kids and I could get out before 4, but since they fought their naps and just finally went down a little while ago, that's looking unlikely. My dad is in town working at his San Antonio office today, so he's coming over for dinner (not sure what we're doing yet). I'm super-excited about that!

Well, my oldest munchkin apparently is still not sleeping, so I've got to attend to that.

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  1. Allow me to quote:
    "I Resolve..."
    In 2010 I resolve too...
    - surpress my negativity and strive to be more positive
    - be more laid back and less up tight about everything
    - be merciful, graceful, joyful, and patient"