Friday, August 27, 2010


I have a million and one things to be doing right now (especially since the littlest is finally taking a good nap) but I thought I'd share a few things we've been up to lately:

♥ I've finally gotten into the habit of packing dinners for my husband to take to work every day. This hasn't completely eliminated all the eating out he does, but now he's down to just buying drinks and snacks when he's on his break instead of entire meals. In order to expediate this process and give my husband a variety of dinners (instead of just sandwiches) I've been doing a bit of OAMC/freezer cooking (as it's known in the blog world) lately. Just a little bit after the kids go to bed, but I've successfully made my first stromboli (with ham and cheddar), whipped up a huge batch of potato salad, and made a large batch of pinto beans in the crock pot. Next up are homemade taquitos (I have the meat cooked and shredded, just need to fry the tortillas and roll them with the meat).

♥ Shiphrah is officially daytime potty-trained. least as far as pee goes. She held her #2 for three days before finally filling her pull-up this morning. Not sure how to convince her to go #2 in the potty. Nighttimes and naptimes will be hard too because she's always peed in her sleep. She does hold her morning pee until we take her to the potty though, so her diaper is only half full in the mornings. We still have to remind her to go pee a lot, but she's finally taking some initiative and telling us some of the time as well. (Unfortunately oftentimes that's every 5 minutes...)

♥ Now that she's using the potty, Shiphrah is also washing her hands constantly which has been causing some really bad excema flare-ups on her wrists. We've stopped the soap use for now...does anyone have any recommendations for some really good sensitive-skin soap?

♥ Kirk is still teething (going on four months now?) but I think we're finally nearing the end of it. He's gradually getting over the clingyness and becoming slightly more independent. He's also added a few extra words to his vocabulary: "ball," "dad-dad," (grandad) "nana," "baba," (baby) and "mama." Add those to "CAT" and "dada" and he can now say a whole SEVEN words. He'll be 18 months old next month.

♥ Ronnie is the typical newborn, but is becoming increasingly vocal and is starting to smile and laugh regularly. It's adorable! He'll be 7 weeks old on Sunday. (And as an aside...TMI warning...why am I the only woman in the world that has PP bleeding for the full 6 weeks?? My poor husband is a saint. )

♥ And a few pictures to wrap this up:

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  1. Busy Mama!
    Enjoyed your post. :o)

    (Oh, your not the only woman in the world...;) I had PP bleeding for 5-6 weeks with each of mine! ugh.)

  2. I had postpartum bleeding for 6 weeks, and since she wasn't nursing, (I was pumping as much as I could) I gor my period as soon as the postpartum bleeding was lightning up.

  3. Dove soap is good! You can get the bars and they're pretty cheap. Get the unscented or sensitive skin kind (they're white). I've had lots of skin issues and this always worked for me. Anything without scents or antibacterialish stuff should help.

  4. my kids did that with #2, too. I let them both go naked for a few days and that solved the issue... they know that it has to go somewhere so they have to go to the potty. try it! :)