Friday, February 19, 2010

A Lovely Valentine's Day

We don't usually make any "real" plans for Valentine's Day (mainly because it's too hard to find babysitters) but we did go out on a date the week before. For the day-of, I bought Avery some of his favorite candy bars, wrote him a sweet card, and bought him some M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches for a later-in-the-day treat (he LOVES anything with ice cream). I also picked up some little goodies for the munchkins...a little stuffed monkey with candy for Shiphrah and a little toy truck for Kirk. Avery surprised me with some tulips on Saturday morning and then some roses and daisies on Sunday morning (and a sweet card, of course!). He also got Shiphrah a red rose that she wanted to carry around everywhere. I made heart-shaped eggs and pancakes for breakfast (all on my griddle! I love griddles; although they are a PAIN to clean.) After church we went to lunch with Avery's family to celebrate his sister's birthday (the 15th) and then Avery stayed up for an hour or so with me while the munchkins napped. He only got about five hours of sleep that day, but it was well worth the lovely alone time we had.

And the post wouldn't be complete without pictures...

Our lovely breakfast.
02142010 (7)

The lovely red tulips.
02142010 003

My roses and daisies (which sadly are getting thrown out today).
02142010 001

Shiphrah and her red rose (and monkey from Mama).

Kirk wouldn't pose with his truck (he kept throwing it) so this was the best shot we got.
02142010 (6)

I ♥ Valentine's Day!!!

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