Friday, February 26, 2010

Munchkin Updates

Shiphrah Grace - 2 years, 3 months old
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Still tiny (23 lbs, 30 inches) but growing up every day. Speaking in nearly complete sentences sometimes (mostly phrases though). The other day I was changing pants and she looked at me with a very concerned look and said, "Mommy's knees! Uh oh, what happened?" Haha, for the record there was nothing wrong with my knees, she's just not used to seeing them bare apparently. She's getting a little better at her eating habits...she'll now eat most fruits and some vegetables. Pasta is still iffy and meat is hit or miss, although last night she did eat a good chunk of steak. Silly girl LOVES salads and anything that goes in them, and will even eat lettuce plain if I give her some while I'm fixing a salad. I've gotten her to eat cheese quesadillas and bean & cheese burritos, but only if I let her dip them in Ranch dressing. Oh, and she'll eat anything with ketchup too. We're planning on starting potty training any day now...some days she seems more than ready (grabbing her diaper or telling us before she goes). I'm just dreading the fight I know will happen when I try to make her sit on the scary, tall toilet. (We have a potty seat, but she hates the height.) I just really don't want to resort to a little potty because that means she'll never go when we're away from home. We moved her to a toddler bed almost two weeks ago and she's been doing amazingly well. As long as she has her paci, dog, elephant, and blanket, she's a happy camper. A few times she's gotten out of bed and tried to play during naptime, but mostly she stays in bed once we put her down.

Kirk Micah - 11 months old
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Kirk will be one in just over two weeks and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown! I constantly forget just how old he is and then he surprises me with how smart he is. He's very close to walking, or at least standing up on his own, and I expect he'll start right around his first birthday (like his sister did). He babbles constantly and tries to say words like "hi," "Dad," "thank you," "kitty," "Penny" (the cat's name), "Schatzie" (the dog's name), "Shiphrah," and "all done." I say "tries" because he's not really saying them, per say, (except "hi" and "Dad") but if you can interpret the babbles you know he's trying. Kirk hates pretty much every veggie, although he'll eat peas and a slice of cooked carrot or two if you sneak it in his mouth. He likes fruit though, despite the fact that it doesn't agree with his tummy well. (He's having the same diaper issues that Shiphrah had at this age...I have to be really careful how much fruit he eats or he gets really bad diaper rash.) Other than some yogurt and such here and there, he's mostly graduated completely to finger foods. He's a very happy baby, for the most part, although he still yells himself to sleep most nap times and night times. He won't take a paci, except to play with, so I figure the yelling will continue for a few more months at least. He drinks about 8-12 ounces of whole milk a day plus 8 ounces of orange juice and water.

Baby #3
01272010 baby3
Still unnamed, although we haven't found anything we like better than Gideon so far. I'm 22 weeks along today and starting to really "feel pregnant." The boy is wiggling a lot these days and starting to settle into a routine of wiggling most when I'm trying to fall asleep. I've also started getting a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there. I have to take the dreaded glucose test at my next appointment (I always fail it) and I'm debating eating next to nothing before I go (and drinking a lot of water) since eating breakfast hasn't helped at all the previous too times. (Officially I have to eat "something" though.) I keep telling them that a tiny person like me will never be able to handle all that sugar at once, but they still insist that the results are accurate. (I've always had trouble handling large amounts of sugar...I can't even eat an orange or a handful of grapes without getting super-dizzy and nauseous. I'm not diabetic though.)

Well, Shiphrah has a poopy diaper and is waiting patiently for me to change it. Unfortunately Kirk is asleep in the nursery, so I have to sneak in there quietly to get a diaper because I have none out here. Here's hoping he stays asleep!

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  1. I vote for Gideon. I might be a bit biased though; I have my very own Gideon. He is the happiest, most cheerful, vibrant soul I've ever had the chance of meeting. Oh, and he does a mean 'ski jump' off the back of the couch or the playground or anything really. He's obessed with jumping and danger. Yikes.