Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Tuesday!

Thankfully, this one Avery is not working, although he worked at overnight security shift last night so he's still in bed right now. But I'll be waking him up in an hour or two and forcing him to spend time with me. After all, our anniversary is tomorrow, so I need some hubby-time.

I know most people talk about how they can't believe they've been married for so many years and how the time flies and all that jazz, but for me it's slightly different. You see, I have two kids and one on the way...and this is only our third anniversary. (That's what happens when you have a honeymoon pregnancy and then another one 15 months later and then another one 15 months after that!) So Avery and I are technically still newlyweds, although because we started our family so quickly, it feels like we've been married FOREVER. But yes, Saturday, March 10th, 2007 we started our lives as husband and wife...and it's been one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

(And I'm trying really hard not to be too excited about tomorrow, but Avery informed me that he had a few things up his sleeve and y'all, my husband never plans anything!! So I can't help but be excited! I couldn't really think of anything I wanted for an anniversary present, so I told Avery I just wanted a pedicure. Can you believe I've never ever had a professional pedicure before? Manicures, yes, but never my feet! I'm excited. )

Ugh, right now my son is fighting his nap and is SCREAMING bloody murder. I hate that he does this every other day or so!

Speaking of Kirk, he will be turning ONE on Sunday! I cannot believe how fast the past year has gone by. I still think of him as my baby and am constantly surprised when he starts acting like a little boy. With you first baby, you're always looking forward to the next milestone, so you kind of miss the excitement of it all. But with your second (and consecutive) you forget exactly what comes next and every new thing is a surprise. I love it. I really didn't want a big ordeal for Kirk's birthday, but I felt like I was slighting him (second child syndrome) if we didn't at least celebrate. So we're praying that the weather is nice and we've invited friends and family to the park around the corner from our house and we'll order pizza and fried chicken. (Our house isn't conducive to having more than a few people over and unfortunately the backyard doesn't have grass in it yet.) I really didn't want the stress of decorating a cake this year, so I'm just going to make a bunch of rainbow cupcakes and put sprinkles on them. They look fun and festive, don't you think?

rainbow cupcakes

And they're relatively easy, which I'm excited about. I just need to make sure to remember to make them on Saturday so I don't have to worry about getting a bunch of stuff done before church on Sunday.

Well, my son is still screaming, so I'd better go check on him one more time. Kid just can't understand that he's tired and needs to sleep!


  1. those are super cute Emily! I'll have to remember those for fun summer get togethers etc! Can't wait to see how your turn out!

  2. Those look super fun and yummy!

    PS: I found you on the 3 gallons of milk post at Money Saving Mom. LOL