Monday, March 29, 2010


My best guess is Roseola - he has had cold symptoms for over 2 weeks now and a med-high fever for the past 5 days (103 for 2-3 days). His fever hasn't broken completely though, it was 100 today. He's been on antibiotics for an ear infection since last Monday. The rash showed up suddenly yesterday afternoon but has gotten worse today. It's a raised rash, but it doesn't seem to bother him (like chicken pox or hives would...although he's scratched at it a bit when he doesn't have a shirt on). Any other details you need? Help me out here, moms, what do you think?

03292010 rash 015

03292010 rash 013


  1. I did a google image search of roseola and it certainly looks alot like what he has. My daughter had it as a baby once but the rash wasn't as widespread as Kirk's....

  2. looks kind of like roseola, but roseola for my chidlren at least, was NOT raised. i'd be careful and take him in. both for him and for you in case it is 5ths disease!!! also, roseola usually comes the day after the fever breaks in my exp too.

  3. Poor baby! I don't know anything about roseola, but my kids frequently break out in a rash for no apparent reason. He could be having an allergic reaction to something that he normally wouldn't. Antibiotics do weird things to your immune system. Even if its not bothering him, I would take him to the doc. For me its better to have a doc say "He's fine, it will be gone tomorrow" than to wait and wish you had.

  4. An antibiotic rash related allergy would be extremely irriatable and itchy. Looks alot like Roseola, however, my son has Urticaria, which is hive related rashes for no reason.
    Any rash on your child should be seen by a pediatrician...because I have dealt with numerous pediatricians, allergists and dermatologists regarding my son's condition, they truly are the ones who can properly diagnose and treat accordingly.