Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tepid Tuesday

I'm feeling a little down today. Tuesday is normally part of our "weekend," but Avery has decided to take on a few extra off-duty jobs with the city so he's working security at the convention center today from 7-5. Poor guy is bored out of his mind though. He's basically standing in one place for eight hours with nothing to do and no one to talk to. Definitely not his cup of tea. But he's been dying to buy a few extra "toys" (table saw, another knife, a new pair a boots, a lathe, etc.) and he knows we're using all of his extra regular paychecks to pay off the credit cards and save for a minivan, so off-duty was the only way to go. He signed up for five or 6 shifts this month, but after he's discovered how boring it is we'll see how much he wants to do next month. Anyway, I'm missing him dreadfully and can't wait for him to get home.

Kirk broke my heart this morning too. The munchkins have been waking up earlier and earlier every morning now (this morning it was 7:50...they used to sleep until 9), so he's been pretty grumpy in the mornings before his first nap. He basically didn't stop whining except to eat unless I was holding him, so we had lots of cuddle-time this morning. I absolutely love how my little man likes to cuddle so much! Shiphrah never was much of a snuggler and Kirk loves to just sit on my lap and smile at me and lay his head on my chest. Melt. My. Heart! So this morning, since he was already so tired, he was actually starting to doze off in my arms. I was hoping he would actually fall asleep on me (my kids never do that!) but he was too interested in watching Shiphrah and seeing what was going on. So I went to lay him down in his crib. That was twenty minutes ago and he's still whining and fussing. I hate hearing him be so pitiful! *Sigh*

Oh, I think I'm going to have to retire from crock pot cooking until I'm no longer pregnant. The smell is AWFUL. I used to love being able to smell dinner cooking all afternoon, but yesterday was miserable and it made eating dinner nearly impossible. I've been more sensitive to smells this pregnancy than either of my others. Beats the bad nausea, I suppose, but still annoying.

We tried Shiphrah on the potty seat a few days ago with little success. As expected, she's terrified, and can only occasionally be coaxed to sit on it fully-clothed with the promise of two M&Ms. I don't want to go through the trouble of potty-training with a toddler potty only to have her refuse to use any other toilet while we're out (we tried it once and she completely freaked out), so I think we'll just wait a little while until she's more ready. We're going to keep asking her if she wants to sit on the potty at least once a day and after bath time, but that's about it for now. At least when the weather gets warmer, I'll feel better about letting her run around in just a pull-up. I'm horrified at the thought of having THREE kids in diapers, but since she'll only be a little over 2 1/2 when Baby #3 is born, that's looking like a distinct possibility. Oh well, such is the life of a mother of babies.

And I got nothing else.

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  1. Shiphrah's going to figure it out, and I think you're wise to wait for her to be comfortable. After a month of potty training with a toddler potty, Em finally used a regular potty while we were running errands today. (And was then determined to try one at EVERY store we went to!) It's been frustrating to have success at home then accidents when we go out, but I think we would have created more problems if we had forced her. It's hard to know what to do! Anyway, just wanted to cheer you on as you take your cues from her. She'll get there when she's good and ready, which will be sooner than you think. :)