Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day weekend

Avery's schedule is seriously kicking my butt. The last two nights he hasn't gotten home until 2 am (his shift is supposed to end at 10 pm). I try to go to bed before he gets home, but for some reason my body won't shut off until he's home. When he works the night shift I don't have a problem sleeping alone, but for some reason I can't fall asleep knowing he'll be home any minute. So, yeah, I'm tired.

Despite my husband working this weekend, we had a nice time. Friday we mostly relaxed at home, although I did run to Wal-Mart for a few things while the kids napped, Avery worked on his boat...

(he's building a wooden kayak), and that evening we picked up Papa John's pizza to take over to his parents' house for dinner. (He wanted to spend some time with them since he'd be missing Father's Day dinner on Sunday.)

Saturday was Avery's first official day of evaluations and he was understandably nervous. He worked nearly 12 hours and didn't get home until 2 so I spent the evening picking up the house, washing and ironing his uniforms, baking him cookies for Father's Day, writing him a Father's Day note, and making the potato salad for Sunday's dinner (my sis-in-law always asks me to bring this particular dish; apparently I make the best potato salad ever :D). Earlier in the evening Shiphrah and I had another play date with Kelly and her son Luke (who's turning 2 in a couple of weeks). I always forget to pull out my camera when they're together, but here's a picture of them on Easter at church:

(And yes, he is that much bigger than she is. :D) Kelly brought over McAlister's Deli for dinner (love their sandwiches!!) and we hung out for several hours. It's funny the things kids pick up from each other: while Luke and Shiph were playing, Luke kept shutting the bedroom door and laughing hysterically. Well, today Shiph decided she would do that...only she can't get it open again because she's too short. :) So that game didn't last long.

Anyway, Sunday morning I got up and made my hubby an omelet for breakfast and gave him his third Father's Day present (his first two, a Dell Mini and a photo book of the kids, were given to him early because I couldn't wait :D): (Obviously that's not my husband, but he hasn't had a chance to wear the shirt yet so I haven't taken a picture of him in it.) After church we stayed for the fellowship luncheon as long as we could before Avery had to get home to get ready for work. (He's working late roll call [2:30-10:30] so we got to stay a bit longer than we thought we would.) After Avery left the kids and I took a nice, long nap (praise God they both slept for several hours!) before heading over to the in-laws for Father's Day dinner. We hung out there until about 9, which was about as long as the kids could handle. :)

Alright, well I'm going to get the dishes washed while Shiphrah is watching "Finding Nemo." (She kept asking for a movie and saying "feeesh? feeesh?" so I put Nemo in for her. :)

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  1. I think it's so cool that your hubby is MAKING a kayak!!