Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wishing for a Wonderful Wednesday...

I swear I'm losing brain cells by the second. Or at least I seem to be losing the memory retention cells anyway. Avery keeps telling me that I need to write notes to myself as I think of things throughout the day. That would work, if only I could remember where I left that notepad. *Sigh*

Both kiddos are napping right now. Yes, that does deserve a round of applause...thank you very much. :) Avery got off work late last night and then we stayed up even later watching the most recent episode of "The Bachelorette" (yay that Dave and Juan went home!! Boo for poor Tanner catching so much flack for telling the truth!) and talking about his day. So we didn't get to bed until well after 2 am. Which, of course, meant we slept in until nearly 11 this morning. I really can't thank God enough for giving me a little girl who loves her sleep just like her mommy and daddy's so wonderful!!!

I'm still battling the blues, but yesterday I had a nice reprieve. The morning sucked, to say the least; Avery and I got into an argument, mostly fueled by the fact that we hadn't hardly seen each other in two days. But we made up before he left for work and I headed off with the kids to my in-laws' house for Tuesday coffee. Because being home alone was getting so hard, we ended up spending the rest of the day over there and my sister-in-law and I treated the family for dinner at Chili's. It was so much fun!! I think that the main reason (other than missing my husband) I've been so grumpy lately is that I have had ZERO adult interaction since Friday. Nothing other than a few "hi"s and "how are you"s at church before we had to rush home to get Avery ready for work. And yesterday I had good, long conversations with my MIL and my SIL that helped improve my mood considerably. But, like my SIL said, my attitudes shouldn't be dictated by my circumstances and I should just tell myself to snap out of it and get into a better mood. :)

I can't believe that Kirk will be three months old in four days! Time seems to be flying by these days...have you realized that we're already halfway through 2009? That's just crazy, I tell you! He's becoming more and more aware of his surroundings lately and he hates not being able to see everything that's going on. I like to prop him up against a pillow on the couch, but he's already flipped himself onto the floor three or four times from that position (by trying to sit up...bad mommy, I know) so I need to find another way to keep him happy. I decided to try putting him in the Bumbo seat, even though he doesn't have complete control of his head yet (he's about 90% there). I propped a pillow up behind his head so he wouldn't get whiplash and he loved it :)

And speaking of the little man, I hear him stirring. Darn, I can't figure out why he won't nap longer than a hour! :(


  1. I understand that memory problem...I always had such a good memory until my two little ones came along. Now I can barely remember why I walked from one room to the next.

  2. That picture is just adorable! He looks so pleased with himself. :)