Saturday, June 20, 2009

I like sewing, but sewing doesn't like me.

The title pretty much sums up my frustrations with my latest dress-making attempt. I'm a perfectionist, so every little goof bugs me and I get very disappointed when things don't look just right. Also, my body doesn't fit a typical pattern size (but then, who's does?) so I always have to end up adding darts in random places to get the dress to fit right. This time my sister-in-law (an amazing seamstress...and she doesn't even use patterns!) suggested trying on the dress inside out and pinning where I would need the darts. What a concept! It worked great! :) So, here's my latest creation:(Yes, I'm freakishly pale and yes, the fabric is too light for my skin. But who cares, I like it. :D)

The picture unfortunately doesn't show all the detail, but it was one of the more complicated dresses I've tried to make (one that I tried died halfway through).

Next maybe I'll attempt a dress with sleeves, but sleeves scare me because they require precision (which obviously I haven't mastered yet).

And just for kicks, I'm going to post pictures of a few other dresses I've made over the years... (Kudos to my lovely sisters for being such great models!)


  1. you did a great job!! Makes me want to make a dress!

    I have only done a couple skirts before. I just got my sewing machine fixed, so I should try something other than curtains or blankets. :o)

  2. I used to love to sew! I haven't done it in a long time. Probably the combination of frustration and cranky babies. Your dresses look great though!

  3. Wow your dresses are soooo cute! I can't sew at ALL...makes me totally mad, so I just don't do it!!