Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recap of a Lovely Weekend

I was all excited about blogging about our oh-so-lovely weekend last week and telling y'all how much I was looking forward to this weekend because Avery gets THREE whole days off...and then my phone rang. Hi, babe. Listen, my sergeant just told me that they switched my next FTO because the other one is going on vacation so my days off are Thurs/Fri instead. So I only get Friday off this weekend. *Sigh*

Anyway, at least last weekend was nice. We started off the weekend with a Date Night. Avery's sister had texted me on Thursday asking if we had plans for Friday. She was off and missed her niece and nephew and wanted to babysit for us. No need to ask us twice! :) So Aunt Lizzy came over to watch the kids around 4 and we headed over to the Quarry to see "Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian." It was cute...Avery probably liked it a bit more than I did...what is it with guys and their love for goofy, slapstick humor? (Last night he about fell out of his chair laughing when he was showing me a scene from "The Benchwarmers." I don't get it.) After the movie we walked over to Chili's for dinner and enjoyed all sorts of fattening foods like Texas Cheese Fries (love, love, LOVE!) with Ranch. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I also got a Chili's Classic Margarita which, if any of you drink margaritas, is absolutely AMAZING!! Seriously, the BEST 'rita I've EVER tasted! It's not too strong, has three different types of alcohol (I don't care for 'ritas with just tequila in them), and has fresh lime juice added. So delicious! Anyway, we also had a gift card to help with dinner, so the whole night ended up costing us a grand total of $28. Not bad considering we were extra generous with the tip too. :) By the time we were done with dinner it wasn't even 8-o-clock yet, so we were tempted to stay out longer since we had a babysitter. But Avery missed the kids (he doesn't get to spend much time with them) so we headed home, after stopping at the grocery store to pick up shaving cream, hair gel, and sodas.

Speaking of sodas, you will not believe what they had at the store! CODE RED MOUNTAIN DEW!!! You know, that stuff they stopped selling in grocery stores over a year ago and now you can only find it in 20 ounce bottles at Shell gas stations??? Oh my goodness, I was elated!!! I am in love with the cherry goodness of the smooth Mountain Dew! They had exactly TWO 12-packs on the shelf. I would have bought both, but Avery only had two arms (he had to have his Pepsi) and we didn't get a cart. Oh well, I was so stinkin' excited! It [literally] put the cherry on top of our amazing evening! :)

The next day (Saturday) we loaded up the kiddos and headed out to the Medina lake for a few hours. The San Antonio Police Department has a Benevolent Fund for injured/killed officers and whoever makes a monthly contribution gets free access to a 32-acre park on the lake. The park is super-nice: they have a big pavilion for parties and lots of camping sites with electrical hookup and water. Plus a nice new playground (in the sun, unfortunately...why do they always put those things in the hot sun??) and big bathrooms. Basically like a state park, but free and private! The water at the lake is really low this summer, so none of the campsites are exactly "waterfront" property anymore. You can see what I mean here...
(That "No swimming from boat dock" sign used to be right up by the water.)

Shiphrah had a lot of fun splashing in the water. Next time we'll all bring bathing suits and floaties and actually swim around some.
That night after we got home we all relaxed and after the kids were in bed, Avery and I watched "Quantum of Solace." Good movie (I have a weakness for James Bond movies and I love that the new ones are cleaner than the old ones) but so, so, so sad. It made me want to cry.

And that was our delightful weekend! And lest you think I lost one of my babies, here's a picture of Kirk, looking more and more like his daddy every day! :)

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  1. We love Chili's too! Yum.
    Kirk's growing up! Super cute!