Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kids and Plans

Tomorrow starts our "weekend" again! I tell you what, I am really enjoying Avery's work schedule. It's a little exhausting because I get to bed so late at night, but I like spending time as a family in the mornings and I really like having our weekend in the middle of the week. Because of the way his schedule is set up, it feels like we have two weekends. Since he works evenings, we still get to go to church together as a family, which makes it feel like a weekend. It's nice. :)

Kirk had his 4-month doctor's appointment yesterday morning and Shiph had her second set of shots. Kirk is just under 14 pounds which puts him around the 25th percentile. He's got a big head though so that's in the 50th percentile. :) The shots went okay, but it tears me up every time we have to get it done. I can't even look when the nurse is giving them. Kirk screamed bloody murder this time, but other than his initial reaction and a tiny bit of a fever yesterday, he's been fine. Shiphrah, on the other hand, had a low-grade fever, went to bed early last night and took a 4-hour nap this afternoon. Plus she's had a runny nose all day and her eyes are clearly bothering her. I hate how the vaccinations lower the kids' immune systems like that. It's like, hey, we're giving your babies shots to protect against a disease that kills 1 in 100,000 kids, but it's going to lower their natural immunity so they might catch a million other bugs instead. It's so stupid if you ask me. I'm glad we'll be done with it in two months. (For those who are curious, Kirk is getting DTaP, HIB, and the Pneumococcal, and Shiphrah is getting HIB and the Pneumococcal. We wouldn't be doing vaccinations at all, except for the line of work Avery is in brings a whole lot more germs in our house than we'd normally encounter.)

We have no real plans for tomorrow and Thursday except for a going away party for some friends on Thursday evening. Oh, and I think Avery is finally going to get serious about trying to fix our toilet. Our house has one lone bathroom and the toilet doesn't flush without help. I've been getting increasingly embarrassed about having to tell guests to use a large cup of water to "help" the toilet flush anytime it's used. I'd rather just buy a new water-efficient toilet and be done with it, but Avery likes the old one (it's the original, turquoise color and everything) so he's going to buy some really strong solvent and hope that fixes the problem. (Our water is really hard and when we moved in the toilet was clean and worked fine, but gradually the build-up has gotten really bad and subsequently the flushing has gotten worse and worse.) So if he gets that done, that will be one really big item checked off on his "Honey-Do" list. Which will be a feat in and of itself since he gets to those things once in a blue moon. (I think I've had the list on the fridge for five months and he's done maybe two of the things.)

My friend's wedding is this weekend. I still haven't decided what to do about the pre-wedding festivities and whether I'll take the babies or not. My husband severely dislikes passing our kids off on other people (our kid = our responsibility) so he's not too hot on the idea of getting a sitter for Shiphrah. I just can't imagine how I will be able to handle both kids by myself during the rehearsal. It'd be one thing if Avery could be there with me, but he can't.

Well, the babies are finally asleep so it's time for Mama to finally eat dinner. Catch y'all laters! :)

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  1. hi emily
    i am visiting your blog for the fist time in a while!! we've just been so busy with the move and things that i haven't had a chance for fun stuff! :) i just wanted to comment on a couple of things...
    1- the vaccinations... with sutton i am doing this graduated schedule by dr sears in which you only give one shot at a time. it makes me feel better about it and ultimately you give all the shots but just not more than one at a time and also the shots that affect the central nervous system more are given later, closer to age 2-3 when the cns is more developed. just thought i'd mention it. there's a book about it all but i am not sure of the name at the moment.

    2- the mmr vaccination... i think it's at 18 months so it must be coming up soon for s. just wanted to mention to you that ava actually got "the measles" from it. it's not contagious and is mild but she did get a fever and a rash. the rash comes a few days, up to two weeks after. not a cause for concern but it came to mind when i read your post.

    3- just wanted to empathize with k not sleeping through the night! sutton started only this week if you can believe that!! he would wake up and cry and sometimes not even nursing would put him back to sleep. we ended up doing this gradauted crying it out sort of thing and that worked but does it ever tire you out in the meantime! have you thought of a pack and play instead? i am with you on being nervous about him falling out!! or could you put a dresser or something of yours into s's room temporarily to make room for the crib?

    i know... here i haven't seen you in forever and i write a book of thoughts but these things just came to mind while i read! hope you all are well!! take care! :)