Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beginning stages of labor?

After a sleepless night last night, all day long I have been completely miserable. Contraction after contraction but nothing regular. In fact, halfway through the day I could have sworn the baby was just going to pop out or burst out of my stomach based on all the pressure I was feeling. I keep Googling "painful fetal movement" hoping to find some reason why Baby Boy won't calm down, but apparently there's no reason to worry unless he stops moving...moving like a crazy 8-legged octopus is nothing abnormal. Ha...tell that to my stomach that feels like it's being ripped to pieces from the inside out...maybe he's trying to slice his way out? Methinks he doesn't like being cramped in that small space anymore. So all that to say, it's really hard to tell when I'm having a contraction and when the baby is just trying to force his way out.

It's funny, I thought having done this before it would be easy to know when it was time. But this is completely different than anything I felt with Kirk (hence the reason I'm a little concerned this kid might be a monster) so I keep thinking every other day might be "the day."

So maybe tonight is the night? Ah, who knows. But I'll try and keep y'all updated!


  1. It's Gideon, right? Baby boy doesn't have much room left in there if any at all! I remember those painful movements too well. :o) He's probably just wiggling into the perfect position to be born in. The day I went into labor I felt more exhausted/irritable than usual... so if you're feeling tired I guess that can be a good sign! Hang in there! You are doing so great patiently waiting. Hugs!

  2. He's going to be very well cooked! :) Can't wait to hear how big he is and how quickly things start moving once he's ready!