Saturday, July 3, 2010

Patiently waiting.

Or not so patiently. Yesterday was my doctor-assigned "due date" and I was honestly surprised to still be pregnant. With all the contractions I've been having for the past three weeks or so, I really thought this baby boy would make his appearance early. Plus I delivered Kirk early in the morning on my due date, so this is now the longest pregnancy I've ever had.

There wasn't really any progress to speak of at my last doctor's appointment (still at 2 cm) so I have a sonogram and another appointment scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon, if I make it that far. I'm kind of dreading it, just because when you're "past due" (even though they shouldn't call it that until after 42 weeks) they start being paranoid about fluid levels and the baby's size and all. I'm especially worried that they'll say something about the baby's size because I am a lot larger this time (from 85 at the beginning up to 125 pounds on Wednesday!) and it's pretty much all belly. See?

07022010 40 weeks

Haha, BEACH BALL! But anyway, I don't really mind still being pregnant...or at least I wouldn't if these darn contractions weren't so annoying. Sleep has been really elusive lately too because my back and hips are starting to give out. But other than that I've really been feeling pretty good, just really large.

My husband has literally been my hero these past few weeks. He did the dishes for me twice in a row (!!!) because my belly makes it really awkward to reach the sink. Plus he took off an extra day from work this week to help get the baby's room ready and do some other household chores. He's also been very gracious when I've been too exhausted to cook meals. He really is the perfect husband. ♥

Anyway, I think I'm going to start timing these contractions to see if they're anything regular. The kids are watching Toy Story 2 and I'm sitting in a SPOTLESS house because some amazing ladies from my church came and cleaned it for me this morning. God is good!!!


  1. Just wanted to say hi and that I've been reading for awhile (I'm married to a cop too!) and I finally got around to adding people to follow on my own blog (which I neglect, I admit).

    Good luck with the baby! C'mon, baby, get a move on! :)

  2. I just wanted to check in on you today! You're belly looks a lot like my belly when I'm pregnant. I always get nice a round and all in front. Don't worry what the doctor says...I'm slowly but surely learning to filter their advice and combine that with what I know about my body and make a good choice for myself. It's a hard thing to do because they do get all crazy sometimes.

    You're husband does sound so sweet, that's awesome that he's helping you so much!

    Try to stay comfy; hope baby comes soon!