Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Discouraged *ETA

The doctor's appointment went surprisingly well this morning. My doctor is one of those syrupy-sweet ladies that is very non-confrontational, so I went in expecting a passive-aggressive push to induction. I was completely wrong...and in a good way! She went over the results of the sonogram with me again (after I had to spend 25 minutes on the NST machine) and basically concluded the same thing the sonographer had...the fluid levels were great and everything else looked excellent, so there was really no reason to worry about being past my due date. And then she mentioned that I have an "excellent pelvis" so she really wasn't too concerned about my birthing a semi-large baby! You could have seriously knocked me over with a feather...I was not at all expecting her positivity! Praise God!! I do have to go back on Tuesday (she's not comfortable with me going a whole week without seeing her and having another NST done) but at this point she's okay with me wanting labor to start naturally. Again, praise God and thanks for the prayers, y'all! (P.S. I did head to Sun Harvest this afternoon and pick up some black and blue cohosh and some red raspberry leaf capsules to see if I could get these contractions to pick up...I've been having them on and off all day long again. So far the herbs don't seem to be doing anything, but I am taking a fairly low dose just to be on the safe side. Either way the baby will come when he's ready.)

I had a sonogram and an appointment with the nurse practitioner this afternoon (my doctor is out of town until tomorrow). I knew what to expect going into it (I am now 5 days "overdue") but that didn't help soften the blow any. The sonogram went great. My sonographer is a wonderful, friendly lady who is excellent at her job and very honest. She checked everything and said three common worries weren't an issue at all with me...the umbilical cord flow was excellent, I have more than enough amniotic fluid (13 was the number she gave), and the baby's heartrate was excellent. However, he does measure rather large. She admitted that the measurements weren't precise (I appreciated her honestly at that point) but that he could be as big as 9 pounds 4 ounces right now ("worst case scenario" were her exact words). So I went over to my appointment feeling relieved and cheerful. After all, if the size was the only thing slightly worrisome, they couldn't give me that much trouble, could they?

Ha. Of course they could. Immediately after coming in to see me, the nurse practitioner started talking about inducing me (I told her right off the bat that I had said no to an induction and she actually had the nerve to respond with "oh well I don't think your doctor will let you go much longer." Seriously? She won't let me?? Last time I checked this was still my body!) and how huge the baby was (she mentioned the 9 lbs 4 oz and I said "possibly" to which she responded with "girl, there's no possibly about it!" Grrr...). Anyway, after all that she checked me and did a membrane sweep (or at least she said she was doing definitely didn't hurt like I remembered the last one hurting though and I didn't bleed afterwards like I did last time either) and said I was still about 2 cm, but I had effaced to 90% and the baby was at -2 station. So I've progressed slightly, but not a whole lot. Then she insisted that I needed to do a NST to check the baby (even though I told her the baby's heartrate had always been excellent and he moved way more than 4 times every hour). So I was at that doctor's office for over two hours...not fun.

So I have to see my doctor on Friday morning and I know she will pressure me to induce. I need to weigh the risks of induction versus the risks of a big baby but I really, REALLY want to avoid an induction if at all possible. Prayers for peace and trust in God would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I'll be praying he comes soon! without induction. Care to share the name yet? ;)

    "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28

  2. ugh...nurse practitioners can be worse than the doctors often times!
    (Can't say enough how much I love my midwife!)

    I'll be praying for you Emily! Stay strong!

  3. This is sounding so familiar... Except my doctor is not nearly as positive! I feel like I am trying everything -- except I haven't tried the cohosh yet (I read it can cause fetal heart attacks, which terrifies me a little bit). But maybe I should just try it? I am not having contractions, am only 50% effaced and maybe 1 cm dilated. Baby went from -2 station last week to -3 this week, so he's moving BACKWARDS. Doctor mentioned C-section today, which has been one of my biggest prayers this whole time (avoiding it!). I'm only 3 days "overdue" and my dates were screwy anyway... Getting desperate, and trying to balance doing my part to get things going + trusting in God's sovereignty and his power over the body. I wrote a blog post this morning called "Discouragement." So yeah, I can relate! Glad it's a year+ later and you have your sweet boy!!!