Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bullets Again

  • What's been up with Xanga photos today?  Half the time people's pictures aren't showing up on their blogs.  Weird.
  • Avery is working the "dogwatch" shift for the next three weeks.  This means he works 10 pm - 6 am Sunday through Thursday.  This is most likely the shift he will have permanently once he finishes his field training.  Unfortunately, he hates the hours.  Poor guy just cannot adjust his sleeping schedule appropriately.  I'm sure it will get better with time but right now he's miserable.  He tried staying up this morning after he got off work to get a few things done, but he kept falling asleep.  He's actually getting more sleep on this schedule than he otherwise would but I don't think his body is letting him sleep soundly enough since it knows it's daytime.  We're both hoping he gets the "B" shift instead (2 - 10 pm) even though it would mean no evening activities.  (It's pretty much impossible for a new officer to get the daylight, 6 am - 2 pm, shift.)
  • Kirk almost, kinda-sorta slept through the night last night.  He slept two 4 1/2-hour stretches (the first one in his bassinet!).  Which was great for me!  He's gradually doing better and better, although he still has a VERY hard time actually falling asleep at night.
  • His fussiness at night is driving me crazy.  Nighttime is my time to get things done around the house...especially since Avery has left for work by then.  Last night I needed to put away laundry and clean the kitchen (and run on the treadmill) before bed.  I got NONE of it done because he wouldn't let me put him down.  I can't let him fuss at night much either because I don't want him to wake his sister up.  And I can't do half of the chores (like the laundry) during the day because Avery is sleeping.  Ugh!
  • And now I have a fussy Kirk in my arms, so this is going to have to be cut short.  Maybe I can get him to nap with me.  Shiphrah woke up early this morning so I'm sleeeeepy!

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