Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just another week

I really have to start getting myself out of bed earlier in the morning.  Once both kids are awake, I literally have NO time for myself until Shiphrah goes down for her nap.  That means it's incredibly hard to get anything done: eating, getting dressed, everything is a challenge with Shiph following my every move.  The only reason she lets me [sometimes] get on the computer is because I'm sitting in one place.  All that to say, I'm hungry!

A few nights ago I thought Kirk was making progress towards sleeping through the night.  He was sleeping between 4 and 6 hour stretches at least once each night and twice he didn't wake up between the time we went to bed (11ish) and when Avery's alarm went off the next morning (4ish).  But then he decided the change directions and the last two nights he has woken up every 2 to 3 hours.  So by the time 7 or 8-o-clock rolls around, I really don't feel like getting up.

This week is a short workweek for Avery.  He starts his second phase of field training this weekend, so he starts a new shift with new days off.  This week he had Monday and Tuesday off and with his next FTO he will get Fridays and Saturdays off.  So, since the work week starts on Saturdays, he only has to work Wednesday through Friday this week and then he'll start again at 10 pm on Sunday night.  (He'll be on dogwatch or "C" shift, which is 10 pm-6 am.)

We had a nice long "weekend."  Sunday was full of surprises too: my mom called me that morning to let me know she and my dad were coming down to SA to go to church with me and then hang out for a few hours.  Then, Avery came into church twenty minutes into the service!  A couple of weeks back he and his FTO had apprehended a burglary suspect and each received a half day off as a reward (proactive police work is highly encouraged and rewarded).  So he decided to take it on Sunday and show up to surprise me.  Yay!  So I had my hubby and my parents all surprise me that fun!!

Monday we went out boating with friends from church and Avery had a blast wakeboarding.  (The weather wasn't quite warm enough for me to try...since I'd be spending most of the time in the water, it at least had to be comfortable to make it worth it. ) Tuesday was full of errands...Shiphrah spent the first half of the day with her Uncle Chris while Avery, Kirk, and I went to the eye doctor for checkups (my eyes are finally getting to the point where I need glasses some of the time) and then to our second financial planning meeting.  We thought we'd have time for lunch in between appointments, but the eye doctor took so long that we had to go straight from one to the other.  So we were STARVING by the time we finally got to eat (2:30ish).

Other than that it's been a pretty typical week.  Oh, I did start running/walking on my new treadmill (mostly walking)!  Avery says I need to go at it for at least 20 minutes to really burn fat, so that's what I've been doing.  Yesterday I went for 20 minutes/1.2 miles.  It felt really good while I was doing it, but afterwards I had a nasty headache (I think I was dehydrated).  Hopefully today I can drink enough water before I start.

Well, Shiphrah is getting sleepy so I need to try and get some lunch into her before she crashes.  Yesterday I tried putting her down for her nap around noon but she wouldn't fall asleep for a while so I figured today I'd try waiting until after lunch.  Of course, now she's acting like she could fall asleep standing up.  Oh well, maybe someday I'll figure her out!

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