Monday, August 10, 2009

Cold symptoms on top of exhaustion = NO FUN

Constant headache, fatigue, dizziness, congestion, sore throat, weakness. All of these apply to me at this moment and most of them have plagued me for the past couple of days.

Kirk seems to go through weekly cycles. One week he'll sleep really well: 5 to 6-hour stretches at night followed by two 3-hour stretches. The next week he'll refuse to sleep any longer than 3 hours at a time and he'll fuss in between eating and falling back asleep. We just wrapped up one of the bad weeks. Last night he did pretty good so I think he's swinging back to the good side. I am dead exhausted though. With Avery's schedule the way it is, I don't get to sleep until midnight or so most nights and then Kirk is wide awake around 8-o-clock the next morning. Which means I get about six hours of broken sleep at night. And with the way Kirk's sleep schedule is, his long stretch is from 8:30 to 1:30, and I'm awake for most of that.

Because of my current state of exhaustion, I feel like I'm just existing. You know, going through each day doing the bare minimum and feeling like I'm in a daze the whole time. It's a terrible way to live. Each day feels like it's a million hours long and each night only serves to give me just enough sleep to survive through another day. I will be so happy when Kirk is sleeping through the night!

In other news, my sister's wedding shower that I'm hosting is this weekend and I've done squat in getting ready for it. I had all these big plans and great ideas for decorating and activities and yet I have the energy for none of it. *Sigh* I'm sorry, Rachel, I promise I'm trying! Oh well, as long as there are refreshments and the house looks decent, I'm going to consider it a success. Oh, and I have to finish the prize for the costume contest...since I promised a prize and already spent nearly $30 on the material.

In my research/planning phase of the shower, I discovered an interesting book that I purchased for a few dollars from Amazon. It's called Fascinating Womanhood and it was written by Helen Andelin in the early 1960's. I am loving it so far! Feminists would probably decry the book as a disservice to women everywhere, but I see it as a breath of fresh air (or old air, as it were) in a world filled with all the wrong ideas about marriage and being a wife. In her introduction, the author states that "To be loved and cherished is a women's heartfelt desire in marriage. This book is written to restore your hope in this desire and to suggest principles to apply in winning a man's genuine love." I'm only about a quarter of the way into the book, but already I am in agreement with everything the author has to say (which is impressive for me) and have been convicted, inspired, and encouraged all at the same time. Personally, I think this book should be required reading for every woman who thinks her marriage is doomed and I definitely think that every married woman in the world would do good to read it. One of the main themes thusfar is accepting and loving your husband for who he is without trying to change him. So important to remember...and something I struggle with on a regular basis.

Well, Kirk needs me so I'd better go.

"Instead of trying to make him over, try making him happy." - Fascinating Womanhood

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  1. What's up with all the colds? Our family was very sick last week with something similar and there's a lot of people I know with cold symptoms right now. I thought colds were mainly in the winter and it's the heat of summer right now?! I was so congested I couldn't sleep for a few days it was so bad. Thank God for a quick healing, though.

    I know what you mean about just surviving- I don't have an infant right now but still I wake up tired on most mornings and don't know why. And when I start the day grumpy, I don't have much patience for Hannah's fussing in the morning. I really need to work on squeezing in some word/worship time even if it is for 5-10 minutes.

    The book on motherhood sounds great! It's amazing how principles from 50 years ago are still applicable today. Women struggled with same issues back then.