Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutting Costs 101: Homemade baby wipes

Ask any parent and they will all say the same thing: babies are expensive! From disposable diapers to pureed baby foods to buying new clothes every three months, costs definitely add up.
Despite the apparent expense, however; there are several ways to effectively lower your baby-related spending. One of these ways is by making your own baby wipes.

For a typical 64-count box of Huggies baby wipes, you'll pay about $2 and they will be gone before you know it. For about 50 cents you can make your own tub of wipes that will last nearly twice as long.

First, buy a package of nice paper towel rolls. I prefer Bounty, but any good-quality brand will work. A 6-pack of double-roll basic Bounty paper towels usually runs about $6. Don't scrimp and buy a cheaper brand though, the wipes won't hold up as well. Cut one roll of paper towels in half using an electric bread knife or a band saw. (You can use a serrated knife but it will be a bit messy.)

Next, mix two cups of water with two tablespoons each of baby shampoo, baby oil, and rubbing alcohol. (You can adjust the amounts as you see fit; I like to use less baby oil and more shampoo.) Find a container with a lid that will hold your half-roll of paper towels. I used a tea bucket from Bill Miller's and cut two slits crosswise in the middle of the lid. Remove the cardboard insert from the middle of the paper towels (you can do this later if it won't come out), place the half-roll in the tub, and pour the water mixture evenly over the roll. Don't worry if there appears to be too much liquid, the roll will soak up whatever is left over.

Seal the container and let it sit for several hours to fully absorb. Feed the first paper towel from the middle of the roll up through the slit in your lid. Use as needed!
(For those of you without babies, this method could easily be modified to make your own cleaning wipes with your favorite cleaning solution!)

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  1. Love your blog! and I do like this idea. I used to use shortening containers, but this would probably hold more.