Friday, August 28, 2009

10 Things I'm Thankful For

Recently it was brought to my attention that I complain too much. Actually, I already knew that, but it's always nice and convicting to hear someone else say it...even if it is my darling husband. So, in an effort to find joy in the circumstances (which really aren't that bad, being tired just makes them seem bad), here are a few things I'm thankful for:

  1. A healthy family. Seriously, other than a few colds here and there we've had nothing to complain about health-wise.
  2. Two beautiful children. I mean, come on, they're freakin' adorable!
  3. A husband who adores me. He always makes me feel loved and desired. I still get butterflies even though we've been married for 2 1/2 years and together for 4 1/2.
  4. A home of my own. No more apartments, great location, an affordable mortgage, and friendly neighbors.
  5. A cute little house that's easy to clean. Not at all meant to be a thinly veiled is SO easy to clean a house that's only 986 square feet! I can do a decent clean of the entire house in an hour or two!
  6. A steady income. God has always blessed us with enough to live on (and now we have some cushion!) and I've never once had to consider going to work.
  7. A secure job for my husband. Unless something drastic happens, Avery is pretty much guaranteed this job for life.
  8. The great state of Texas and the city of San Antonio. What are we, like the third most economic-resiliant city in the country? And come on, Texas is just stinkin' awesome. :)
  9. Amazing friends and family. Seriously, you guys ROCK. And most important...
  10. A God who loves me and will never turn His back on me!!!

I could go on and on, but my tired brain is a bit fuzzy right now and I'm having a hard time forming sentences. So I'm off to finish cleaning the bathroom (I think it's only been cleaned four times since we moved in over a year ago...yikes!) and making the rest of the delicious cookies from Wednesday (recipe and pictures coming soon!).


  1. Aww you are such a great person Emily! I don't think of you as complaining just venting, come on all us Stay At Home Mom's need to vent every now and then. You have a Beautiful family!

  2. Love your list and your kids are adorable!