Saturday, August 8, 2009

Menu Planning - 8/9 thru 8/15

I've been meaning to get back into the habit of planning our meals just so I won't be scrambling come mealtime every day. Keep in mind that Avery works afternoons/evening so that is reflected in the type of meals we have for breakfast and lunch. Dinners are whatever I throw together for Shiphrah and I, so there is less structure and variety to those (except on Avery's days off, obviously).

SUN: eggs & bacon
MON: waffles with syrup
TUES: cereal with milk
WED: pancakes with syrup (DAY OFF)
THURS: biscuits with jelly (DAY OFF)
FRI: egg sandwiches
SAT: French toast

SUN: eat out after church
MON: Italian chicken & potatoes
TUES: lunch with Kelly
WED: grilled cheese sandwiches (DAY OFF)
THURS: tuna salad sandwiches (DAY OFF)
FRI: beef stroganoff
SAT: sister’s bridal shower

SUN: burritos
MON: sandwiches
TUES: hot dogs
WED: homemade pizza (DAY OFF)
THURS: grilled steak with mushrooms (DAY OFF)
FRI: burritos
SAT: hot dogs

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  1. I actually like cooking bigger meals for lunch... I have more energy then then at the nd of the day! When I go back to school I have evening classes so I'll prob. cook dinner around lunch time or learn to use the crockpot so Aaron can have food when he's home.